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Coldstone Songs!

Any and every song we sing

The Favorite Songs for Coldstone Tips
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So this community is for anyone who knows any Coldstone songs and wants to share them. Or, if you need some ideas for songs to sing at your Coldstone... Anyways, feel free to post them all.


1. If you post a song include the title of the REAL song the tune is from, include the lyrics, and if it is original to your store the store number/location
2. Post songs that are not super common, that way we can spread more songs around
3. If you want the lyrics to a song that is not yet on here, feel free to ask
4. You can repost a song if there are different lyrics

Hope this helps everyone who needs more songs or wants to share theirs!

P.S. If you have any concerns, post in my livejournal or something.