Sak (laffytaffy815) wrote in coldstonesongs,

a smorgasbord of songs

birthday: military cadence 1, military cadence 2, she'll be coming around the mountain, yankee doodle dandy...

normal: addams family 1, addams family 2, american pie, andrew gerhard's song, the ants go marching, baby got back, the bare necessities, battle hymn of the republic, be our guest, beautiful dreamer, bring it on cheer, build me up buttercup, camptown races, doo wah ditti, drop it like it's hot, fame, the farmer and the dell, the flintstone theme, funiculi funicula, goldfish cracker theme, good gracious (great balls of fire), grand ole flag, grease stretch, hakuna matata, head-shoulders-knees and toes, he had it comin' hey yea1, hi-ho, hokey pokey, hollaback girl, a hunting we will go, if you're happy and you know it, i love rock'n'roll, i'm a little teapot, i'm a yankee doodle dandy, i will survive, the joy of pepsi, kit kat theme, hte lion sleeps tonight 1, the lion sleeps tonight 2, love and marriage, meow mix theme, military cadence, mr. sandman, my girl 1, my girl 2, old mcdonald had a farm, oscar meyer theme, rap/ cheer, rockin' robin, row-row-row your boat, she'll be coming 'round the mountain, spongebob squarepants theme, summer lovin', take me out to the ballgame, this old man, tipsy, toys'r'us theme, twinkle twinkle little star, twist and shout, wannabe, we will rock you, welcome to the jungle, we've been working on the railroad, wild thing, yellow submarine

the sources of many songs are hazy, but i do not claim to be the composer of any of them (unless listed because hey, i Did help write one or two. ^_^)

WANTED: new parodies of songs for coldstone or about ice cream. also a few that poke a little fun at other stores in the ice cream biz. nothing that can get anyone in trouble though so you might only want to hint at competitor names. lol.
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